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    I wanted to make a general thread for availability/pre-order discussion.

    Tips and Tricks welcomed and as always high level venting.
    08-19-2016 10:11 AM
  2. BearlyFloats's Avatar
    My first suggestion would be to preorder as early as possible. I don't think anyone anticipated the demand we are seeing for Note 7, and most retail locations are stocked on an algorithm that says "how many of this product type did you sell last year at this location?"

    Note 5 sales were a dud, so a lot of locations arent getting a lot of shelfable stock. Also, as much shade as everyone likes to throw at the carriers, I always stop into the store and chat with the team there for insight on preorders.

    As for the "IDK for 30 days" talking piece places that dont have any stock are giving you...they truly do not. Their internal systems are being fed info from manufactures that is as ambiguous as "par levels will be restored (assumed) within 25 - 30 business days." They arent just feeding you a line. Remember, it is in these folks BEST INTEREST to sell you product. Its just as frustrating for them.
    08-19-2016 10:17 AM

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