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    Went to the AT&T store yesterday.
    They had the Note 7 on the shelf, It wasn't even a working model

    Glad I went to Best Buy last Saturday and Preordered it.
    Last Saturday they had a Note 7 that was a working model.
    The Samsung person there showed me several things about it.

    Picked it up today alone with the 256 GB EVO Sd card

    You decide what you want as the gift at the Best Buy store. And you leave with that gift with the phone.
    No waiting to get it.
    And if you are new to the Samsung Note like me.
    The Samsung person will show you how to operate it.
    You can ask him whatever questions you want .

    I think this is pretty cool.
    When my wife has a problem, I got her to just going to the Samsung man and letting him tell her how to fix it.
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    08-19-2016 04:05 PM

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