1. zwx's Avatar
    When i send or receive photos the bottom half of them is a different hue. My wife sent me a photo today from her note 7 and the top half was fine and the bottom had a red tint to it and i just sent my friend a photo from my note 7 to his iphone and it did the same half and half only the bottom half was green. It's only the recipient that gets the messed up picture. Any ideas?
    08-22-2016 08:28 PM
  2. dpham00's Avatar
    Which app are you using to send the photos?
    08-22-2016 08:43 PM
  3. zwx's Avatar
    Stock samsung app
    08-22-2016 09:35 PM
  4. Droid Husker's Avatar
    Out of curiosity, what carrier are you on? I ask, because my wife had been having the same problems for a few months, when she would send pictures to her mom, they would always come through looking screwed up, similar to how you describe. Both her and her mom are AT&T, my wife on an LG V10 and her mom an iPhone. They would come to my phone okay, but always two copies would come through. I'm on AT&T as well, but I was using a low-end unlocked phone (BLU Life One X) at the time, which didn't take advantage of any of the newer AT&T network features.

    Fast forward to now, I'm on my new Note 7, and the first time I open the stock messaging app, there's a pop-up about using Advanced Messaging. I click okay to go ahead and use it. Then my wife goes to send me some pictures, and now they come through the same way they were going to her mom, screwed up.

    I've been busy with other stuff since then, so I haven't had a chance to try and send pictures to her to see if they have the same issues and try to see if turning off that Advanced Messaging helps anything. I say all that to wonder if your problem could be the same or similar and may have nothing to do with the phone but instead an issue on the carrier side.
    08-23-2016 12:12 AM
  5. zwx's Avatar
    It is AT&T. We also both have Advanced messaging on. I wonder if it could be something with trying ti send a larger file size.
    08-23-2016 07:14 AM
  6. Maynard's Avatar
    I am suffering from this exact same issue. I'm on AT&T and never had the problem with my Note 4. On the Note 7 if I send pics to a friend (also on AT&T) the pictures are screwed up (corrupted), if I send them to my sister on an S6 (also AT&T) same corruption of the photo. If I send them to my brother on his Note 7 but on Sprint they come through fine. I might add that I have to use a microcell at home but I don't know if this could have anything to do with it.

    It doesn't sound like exchanging the Note 7 for a different one is going to address the problem. Any one have any insight on this issue? AT&T tech support and Samsung tech support were no help.
    08-26-2016 08:14 PM
  7. zwx's Avatar
    I have not had any issues since I turned off Advanced messaging.
    08-26-2016 08:49 PM
  8. Maynard's Avatar
    I'll give it a try. Thanks.
    08-26-2016 09:25 PM
  9. Maynard's Avatar
    Question - if I turn off the Advanced messaging does that limit the size of the photo I can send or does the program automatically compress a photo to an appropriate size to send in an MMS? Although I have advanced messaging on, I don't really know what is does. I've never received any receipts or notices simply telling me someone has read a text I sent.
    08-26-2016 09:36 PM
  10. Maynard's Avatar
    Just a follow up - I did what you suggested and turned off "Advanced Messaging" and the next three photos that I sent were all good. This does seem to resolve the problem. Thank you SO MUCH zwx! This was driving me crazy. I wish AT&T would get their act together on this kind of thing.
    08-27-2016 09:20 AM

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