1. Silvercorvette's Avatar
    I called this morning to ask about what tablet I was getting for a dollar.

    As it turned out they had no record of the order and they said I could not reorder over the phone, I had to go to a local store. I called the store before driving down and they had none in stock, they estimated a 2 week wait.

    I called back and asked for a supervisor but the woman said she would be able to handle it. When it became apparent she could not solve my
    problem I asked again for a supervisor and she insisted that it would not do any good.

    I finally talked to a supervisor and explained that I was an AT&T and DirecTV customer for 9 years and was ready to switch my cell to AT&T and if they could not get me a phone I was switching to cable TV & internet, that got their attention.

    I went over the old order and the initial reason I called was to as about the tablet I was getting for $1. It turned out that the tablet was almost the same size as the note 7. and it internet usage was not paired to the unlimited phone. I would have to pay $40 extra a month for unlimited tablet internet. I canceled the tablet and will use the note 7 as a tablet. So by dropping tablet I got the monthly down to $100 and paid for the note 7 up front. While I was at it I switched colors. I like silver but a lot of people said that blue looks stunning so I am now getting but.

    So my new deal is $100 a month with no tablet and the note 7 paid for up front. I just figure why bother paying $40 extra per month for a TAB if I want internet on a screen the same sizes my phone plus why bother caring around two devices (if I wanted a large screen TAB it would cost $500 a month for an 18 inch screen.

    I an somewhat happy they messed up the order because I believe I am better off with just the phone, plus I still have a old Verizon Samsung TAB I bough when I was in Tucson last year so I can always activated that if necessary.

    I just hope the color change from silver to blue was the right decision, I hope it is as good as I read it is.
    08-25-2016 11:55 AM
  2. Rob.G's Avatar
    Nice of them to help you out. Worked way better than what I went through with Best Buy (ended up going directly to AT&T).

    I love the blue.. hopefully you will too!
    08-25-2016 12:01 PM
  3. Silvercorvette's Avatar
    I think the reason it worked of was the fact that I had DirecTV, AT&T U-verst for the past 9years and I was treating to switch from DirectTV and AT&T internet to cable tV and cable internet. If I had not insisted on talking to a supervisor thing may have turned out differently.

    I also made it clear that it was important to switch to AT&T before my next Verizon billing cycle

    The way things worked out I got unlimited internet for $100, but if I got the free tablet it would have cost me $140 a month for a tablet with the same screen size as my note 7. The free tablet is not exactly free.
    08-25-2016 12:23 PM
  4. Mario Espiritusanto's Avatar
    No need of a tablet when you have a Note
    08-26-2016 05:16 AM
  5. Silvercorvette's Avatar
    My initial thought was that I was getting an 18.4 inch tablet, but when I found out the table was roughly he same size as the note 7 I passed up on there tablet that would cost me an extra $40 a month, somethings free can be expensive.

    The deal for the free tablet would cost $110 per month instead of $100 and it only came with one Gig a month. To get unlimited on the tablet I would be paying $140 per month.

    I may ave been tempted if the gave me a free Samsung Galaxy View 18.4

    Hopefully the note 7 will arrive by Wed or Thur
    08-28-2016 10:53 AM

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