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    Somebody else posted about a case that looked different than all the others I've seen. It had somewhat "open" corners, something I felt a case needed so that it wouldn't push-up on a screen protector. It was this case:


    The case is very minimal - very thin. I would have preferred a clear case, like the Ringke I previously had on the phone, but it's black, as is my phone, and rather nice - assuming you like minimal cases.

    I got it today along with a nondescript tempered-glass screen protector: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...cUvbUpU5368997. From what I can see, ALL tempered glass screen protectors are the same - with limited adhesive, top and bottom only. The problem with these is that the adhesive doesn't hold for long. So, I dabbed a tiny amount of clear silicone seal on the four corners and installed the screen protector. The touch is very nice. I suspect the problem most people have with the touch sensitivity of the tempered glass screen protectors is due to the adhesive giving way creating a space between the protector and the phone screen - hopefully the silicone seal will help with that.

    I then installed the case. The case does NOT touch the screen protector.

    Here are some pictures showing the spacing between the case and the screen protector:

    Case and screen protector - Maybe the best solution-n7-1.jpg

    I would guess that this case would work well with any screen protector.
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    08-26-2016 03:48 PM
  2. X1tymez's Avatar
    Good post. I might go find another slim case.
    08-26-2016 03:52 PM
  3. calicocat2010's Avatar
    08-27-2016 09:19 AM
  4. Idelgado782's Avatar
    I actually have the Spigen and it's a great minimalistic case. I havent dropped it yet (knock on wood) so I honestly can't speak on its level of protection against drops. But I've been trying to decide which screen protector I want to go with.
    08-27-2016 01:11 PM
  5. bertsirkin's Avatar
    FWIW, it's been a week and the case and tempered glass are still great. The touch is as sensitive as not having a protector and no dust under the protector.
    09-03-2016 08:39 PM
  6. bertsirkin's Avatar
    That's a great video. I actually put a wet-apply plastic protector on the front-and-back of my Note 7. I wish I had seen that video first, however. It actually came out OK, but the front was pushed-up by the first cases I tried, so I eventually removed it. The back is still on behind the case I'm now using. But, I do prefer the glass front-protector.
    09-04-2016 07:32 AM
  7. MaxMa0811's Avatar
    you can search Auideas full screen on amazon.com~
    09-06-2016 12:16 AM
  8. Paravoz's Avatar
    you can search Auideas full screen on amazon.com~
    Bad idea.... Already checked it out and it is another terrible one that doesn't stick to the sides even without the case.
    09-07-2016 12:55 AM
  9. Gunny Fitz's Avatar
    Just ordered about 5 different cases, Skins, Tempered Glass, and Micro SD Cards from my awesome Amazon Prime Account (Which is so great because you can actually try most ALL of these out, and simply send back the ones you DON'T want with their Free Shipping Labels too!
    This has given me some super insight on which cases fit and appeal best to me, yet the Skin vs Tempered Glass Route is going to be challenging since I don't want to go applying them, and if I don't like it - I don't feel right sending it back after doing so (Though I know some who do anyway)

    Right now these items have the lead in whats going to stick around in my accessory pile. - Didnt want to list EVERYTHING or it'd be long.

    Love this case for both Protection & its ability to be used with the cool magnet feature!

    Hung onto this Skin until i see what the BodyGuardz Glass Cover looks like - Both were rated pretty high on a survey I found in this forum!
    **The Edge adherence thing worries me a bit though.


    One of the Top Rated SD Cards is sticking around - Despite being a true PITA to get the whole SD / SIM holder back in all intact! (Anyone who's done this knows what I mean!) Again, this card was rated very high and I don't see myself using more than 128 GB total - I hope


    **Still awaiting more to arrive but this one is going back. Not as protective as I thought, flimsy and actually a bit slippery too.


    TO BE CONTINUED........................
    09-07-2016 08:50 AM
  10. Julie von Schweets's Avatar
    How is the Vkmall screen protector with fingerprints? And do you think it would work with the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro case?
    09-18-2016 06:46 PM

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