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    There is FAR too much trolling, personal attacks and otherwise nonsense posting going on in the Note 7 section. This happens three or four times a year, so it's not new - but once again it's time to set up expectations. Because sometimes enough is enough.

    Here are the rules: Community Rules & Guidelines - Mobile Nations Forums

    Officially you're expected to understand and abide by those as part of your participation in the forums. Practically, it's a lot of text and I know most people haven't read them. So I'm going to call out a couple of points:

    First: PUPPAH. It's the big section at the top. Be Polite, Understanding, Patient, Professional, Attentive and Helpful. If people followed those 6 things, the rest of the rules wouldn't be necessary. Boiled down: Act like an adult and be respectful to people. Don't argue about stupid stuff. When you disagree with someone, argue against the issues, don't argue about the person posting. The most important point might be more simple than that. If you don't have something productive to say and can't post it in a respectful manner, just don't post. Ignore the stuff you hate reading; move on.

    Second: Attacking brand new members when they post about issues. Whether you believe them or not. Don't. Ever. Be. That. Person. Don't accuse them of being trolls (there's a rule about that), don't tell everyone how much you think they're lying - just don't. When someone signs up to ask for help and your first reaction is to (figuratively) kick them in the face - no matter how much you think they might be trolling, you are the one who will receive the infraction for trolling. I don't care how long you've been here or how many posts you've made. If you attack new members then you are NOT participating within the spirit of PUPPAH and if we can't help you change how you respond to stuff like that, ultimately you're going to wear out your own welcome. In this community, we don't attack people who are asking for help.

    Third: If you feel that someone is violating the rules, please hit the report button. There are thousands upon thousands of posts going up each day. I can't read them all, I assume you're not either. If you let us know where to focus we can help keep things going more smoothly more efficiently.

    Finally: This isn't a threat, I'm not issuing a crack down notice or anything like that. This is setting expectations. You know what my team wants and you know what to expect from us according to what's spelled out above. Bottom line, everyone's human and everyone makes mistakes - including moderators and if you feel that actions we take are unfair, then feel free to email me at matt.luciano@mobilenations.com and we can talk stuff through. If I'm being unreasonable, let James know (james@mobilenations.com).

    I don't want to push anyone out, but it needs to be clear that we are not XDA or Reddit. You don't get extra points for having the most awesomest sarcastic response ever. We're a community centered around two things: 1. Helping people 2. Nerding out about nerdy stuff, usually involving Android. If that's your game and you want to have fun and all that - cool. If that's not your scene, I understand but that's unfortunately the reality of it.

    "Be together not the same".

    Thanks for your time,

    08-26-2016 06:42 PM
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    Added information that for some reason wasn't clear:

    Moderator Note We seem to have a lot of activity that is detracting from the ability for those seeking help to return their devices without wading through mountains of the completely unrelated stuff. If you are here with legitimate questions about how to navigate through the recall process or if you're helping people to do so, that's awesome. If you're not, then please take care to ensure that we're not getting in the way - so that those trying to get this situation properly resolved can quickly find correct answers about how to deal with their circumstances.

    As a reminder, the Note 7 has been recalled and cancelled due to a safety issue. More information can be found here: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fires, recall and cancellation: Everything you need to know | Android Central

    Be safe, be awesome, stay nerdy.
    11-06-2016 08:19 PM

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