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    I know it probably doesn't belong in this forum, but since so many of us Note 7 buyers are getting it I figured it's related and my question would be answered faster on here anyways.

    I have skinny wrists so I'm getting the small Gear Fit 2 tomorrow it is supposed to arrive hopefully. I want to replace the strap because the factory strap is crap and get a normal watch strap and I was wondering the aftermarket ones on Amazon don't list if it's for the small or large model Gear Fit 2.

    If I buy a replacement strap for it does it matter? I'm not concerned about the length of the strap, but what I'm concerned about is if the Gear Fit 2 the two different sizes if around the ends of the watch if it's more narrow than the other Gear Fit 2 so if I order a strap will it be possible it would be too wide and not fit onto the Gear Fit at all since I'm getting the small? or are the ends where the bands slip into place the same width regardless of model?
    08-30-2016 12:15 AM

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