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    I LOVE My Note 7 but I have ran into a few issues the past few days:

    It list all my devices (car, headphones, watch). But when I press them to connect it literally does nothing. I have unpaired, repaired etc with no such luck. In my car it shows my phone but won't connect either.

    I love this app. It works for all other notifications I have set except for text. I use stock sms and lightflow does NOT show the light when I receive a text.

    Always On Display:
    Keyword ALWAYS..the past few days it either completely goes away or dims. AND this is with alot of battery life left so not sure why.

    Notification Sounds:
    I have a couple of group chats for work and with my besties. I have set a special ringtone for each group. Well it doesn't work. Or for work it works for 1 person if they text me but not if they text as a group. Any suggestions?

    Favorites in Contacts:
    I really miss having this! It was a GREAT feature...not sure why they would take it away.

    Thanks ahead of time for any ideas/suggestions!
    08-30-2016 08:45 AM

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