1. neil123456's Avatar
    After a lot of reading on here I am not keen on using the Smart Switch that Samsung offer, however, I am coming from an iPhone.

    Is it ok to use Smart Switch just for contacts (mins aren't saved to a Google account)?

    Or are there any other ideas on how to transfer that will reduce the risk of lag? Any advice appreciated.
    09-01-2016 05:50 AM
  2. amyf27's Avatar
    When i got my Note 7 yesterday, I used the smart Switch where you connect the two phones with the original phones cord. It worked great and copied apps etc over.
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    09-01-2016 05:59 AM
  3. Christian Campbell's Avatar
    I used the Smart Switch with my Note 5 without any problems.
    09-01-2016 06:04 AM
  4. Scott Currence's Avatar
    Me too no worries! Came from an iPhone 5 and worked great!
    09-01-2016 06:18 AM
  5. traynor1987's Avatar
    I logged into iCloud on the smart switch app and downloaded my contacts from there
    09-01-2016 06:26 AM
  6. TwitchyPuppy's Avatar
    Coming from an iPhone, and if you still have it, install the "Move to iOS" app on both devices. It works like a charm.

    Smart Switch works only if you don't have 2-steps verification enabled for your iCloud.
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    09-01-2016 07:52 AM

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