11-22-2018 05:23 PM
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    So Samsung Pay seems great in theory, but in practice is more of a nightmare.

    The issues: Chip cards and Chip card readers.

    Scenario 1: Store doesn't accept NFC payments, but accepts Chip Cards -> Samsung Pay is 100% unuseable. MST swipe tells the reader that you have a chip card, reader tells you to insert chip card - game over.

    Scenario 2: Store accepts NFC Payments, Swipes, and Chip Cards -> Same problem as above, but it is a crap shoot as to whether the NFC part of Samsung Pay will register first or the MST part of Samsung Pay will register first. It's not fun to constantly retry the payment when you feel that you have no control over the success or not.

    Is it possible to disable the MST part of Samsung Pay and make it purely NFC? If not, any tricks for avoiding the MST triggers? My phone was a decent distance away from the actual swipe portion of the terminal and still registered.
    Samsung pay doesn't actually charge the card you enter it charges a digital card Samsung issues you, that card is not registered as a chip card. This is also why it shows the last 4 digits for a card that doesn't correlate with your own. It charges Samsung who charges your card themselves then if approved processes the transaction at the terminal. I have earned over 20,000 Samsung reward points in rural south Carolina around the country as I have never found a place it doesn't work except gas pumps and arms because you have to physically insert your card in those scenarios. It is an amazing tech.That said it sucks that they dropped mst on the new galaxy watch which now will only work at about 30-50% of the places on my day to day. It was a big mistake. but he fact is most people rarely leave their at home and most don't have a data plan for their watch like me so those people will be able to pay with their phones still. So 90%+ of the time real world users won't be affected but it really sucks for me. I love leaving everything at home sometimes.
    09-25-2018 07:59 PM
  2. FarStrider2001's Avatar
    Just started using it since they added STACK MasterCard & are giving away a S9.
    1st try was with a nfc/chip capable terminal that sadly didnt angle it enough the 1st time but it work. Normally I use the td(canada) app(which like all other canadian bank apps uses suretaps api based on gsma secure element) which honestly Ive rarely had any issues with aside from rims backend being overloaded during the holidays.
    Its sad that samsung pretty much ended looper especially now that lg has decided to do the same thing. Also in canada currently theres no gift card support(something that suretap wallet had) aside from 1's earned from samsung pay promos
    11-22-2018 05:23 PM
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