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    Last weekend, I experienced the most unusual occurrences where my Note 7 battery just drained within minutes while at least half full. I was browsing the internet on my phone waiting for a drink. I put the phone down to pick up the drink, and when I went back to the phone, I could not interact with it. I pressed on the power button for a few seconds, nothing. Went back to the car and plugged it up and there it went, it was out of power. I first thought it was weird, cause I could have sworn I had at least 40% batter left. Ok, whatever, that night it happened again. I'm pretty anal about battery power, so I will definitely notice when my battery reaches a low level especially so low that power shuts off.
    Ever since the two incidents my phone has been running fine during the week. Just right now, I noticed my battery was at 39%, so I was like ok, let me plug it in and give it some juice before I leave work. I stepped away for a few seconds and come back to my phone and see it at 11%, I was like what?? I unlock my phone, and seeing it go down 10%, 9% while its being charged...I started "close all apps", still going down 8%, I go to settings, "optimize" and optimize all, nothing, 7%, finally drag down notification, close the Tidal app widget, and clear all, think what was left was Good app. 6%....keep watching the battery screen...7%...few seconds more 8%. PHewwww....
    WTF was that?? Was it a rogue app that was sucking up the battery? But what triggered it? I checked GSAM battery tracker, Android System at 35% CPU usage 6h 9m, next is Kernel 11% 1h 56m, then Good 5.3% 55m..Instagram 4.9% 52min....
    Its happened to me 3x within a week. GSAM is not telling me any info on what is causing this.

    Any ideas?
    09-07-2016 05:00 PM
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    Was your phone hot when you found that it had shut itself off, or when you were seeing the drain while charging? Do you have the GPS on and location set to high accuracy (they can drain a ton of battery if set that way). Do you have the phone connected to anything other hardware via bluetooth or wi-fi at the times its draining? I've never used the Tidal app you speak of, but seeing as that is a streaming service it wouldn't surprise me that that would drain your battery. Things that stream music or video could be huge battery leaches. What kinds of "features" do you have enabled that might be waking your phone (gestures, etc)? Did you have a browser on a webpage as an open app in the background? How about any apps set to stay updated when in the background? Many of those things could be reported as the "Android System"
    09-07-2016 06:10 PM

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