1. donebrasko's Avatar
    Whenever I press the home button the Samsung keyboard pops up. How do I stop it?
    09-07-2016 11:23 PM
  2. donebrasko's Avatar
    I tried switching keyboards. I'm using google keyboard but Samsung's still pops up
    09-08-2016 06:39 AM
  3. edubb256's Avatar
    I had the same problem. What I think triggered it was I was using Google Keyboard. Then, later when I accessed Secure Folder (Google Keyboard was not installed in Secure Folder), the phone switch to Samsung Keyboard. I think something was left out of sync and I had the same problem you did.

    What fixed it was: 1) installing Google Keyboard in Secure Folder and 2) restarting the phone.
    09-08-2016 07:45 AM
  4. donebrasko's Avatar
    09-09-2016 07:06 PM

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