1. ddymond's Avatar
    Is anyone else having the bloatware uber app on a note 7 from AT&T opening at random times?
    Usually happens when I unlock the phone. I have the app "disabled" but its driving me insane.
    Any suggestion??
    09-09-2016 03:54 PM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Is it opening or running in the background?
    09-09-2016 04:28 PM
  3. ddymond's Avatar
    It usually opens when I "wake" the phone up using the iris scanner or fingerprint. It opens up the playstore to the uber app.
    I have the app disabled. I have restarted the phone. Powered it down and restart and its still does it. Its not every time but
    it is frequent.
    09-09-2016 10:57 PM
  4. Sam_Gs7's Avatar
    Weird case isn't it. Have you tried the cache Clean up and reboot..
    Also Uninstall-Reinstall the app might correct the Turns on by
    itself or contact Uber at: https://help.uber.com/partners
    09-09-2016 11:22 PM
  5. ddymond's Avatar
    I cannot uninstall the app. Its AT&T lovely bloatware junk. The only thing I can do is disable it, which does nothing.
    Ill try uber, but doubt I get anywhere.
    Sam_Gs7 likes this.
    09-09-2016 11:46 PM

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