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    At Costco, the wireless kiosk guy said he checked with his district manager and the DM said if I returned the Note and got an S7E (exchange), I could return the S7E "within a month or so, but not like a year from now" and get the Note if new stock has come in. This was a little vague to me, so I called the wireless advocates customer service this morning and was told that is NOT correct and I would be stuck with the S7E, unless I returned it under the Costco 90 day window. Another concern would be that Samsung has said new Note sales would not be made until all exchanges were handled first. I don't want to be considered a new sale after this.

    I would love to get the S7E and the Gear VR with it, but I don't want to lose out on getting the Note back when (if) they get replacements. Has anybody done this yet?

    On a side "note", regarding the BOGO rebate, I called the rebate center and was told that they are aware of the Note 7 situation and that my rebate would not be effected if I exchanged the Note. The rep even made a note on my account that he checked with his supervisor and they all agreed my submission would stand as is.
    09-14-2016 09:19 AM
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    I'm running in to this with Verizon. Many people are being told they can double exchange with the S7's, but so far the answers I'm getting from Verizon CSR's is this is not an option. It seems to be the local stores making this decision not Corporate. If you look on the Samsung recall page, it only specifically allows for a temp loaner of a J series, or one time exchange of an S7/E. So good luck.


    P.S. Yeah, I'm wanting the S7 double exchange for the VR promo too.
    09-14-2016 09:25 AM
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    Yeah, theres a definite disconnect between Samsung/provider/retailers.

    I just spoke to 2 other Costco stores and was told I would be able to return it, especially within the 90 day period, but to have them do a full return and debug instead of an exchange. That way, the 14 day window opens back up. If done that way though, I think you would lode lose the $25 provider credit because it's not an exchange (not a big deal).

    Either way, it seams I'm completely covered under the Costco policy, unless the device isn't working when I bring it back (then it would be exchange for the same phone only, no refund).

    Edit: alright, make that 4 Costco stores in 2 different states lol. They all say it can be done.
    09-14-2016 09:42 AM
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    AT&T has told me the exact thing, exchange my Note for an S7 (never thought to ask about an Edge, MIGHT be able to put up with that...?) and then when the Safe Note comes out, exchange again.

    SHe could not tell me that I would not be stuck with an edge 4 months out or whenever the new notes came out. She could not promise that I could still exchange the note for a safe note in 3 months if that's when the note came out...it was almost like she was pressuring me to exchange for an S7.
    09-14-2016 10:25 AM
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    I think I'm comfortable enough now that I will go in for an S7E. My only concern at this point is still being considered an exchange customer and getting first crack at the new N7.
    09-14-2016 02:48 PM
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    I went in to Costco last night and exchanged the N7 for an S7 Edge. I was assured by everyone there that I can return the S7E for one of the new N7s as long as I'm at least within the 90 day purchase period. Now, they weren't exactly sure if that 90 days will be from my original purchase date (August 20) or from last night, but either way I should be fine. I turned in the box, phone and charger because that's what Costco said they required.

    They also told me to make sure and send off for the gear vr / 256 sd card. I also noticed Samsung pay listed the other promotion as well for the Fit 2 / 256 sd card, but I don't think I'll try for both (I want the VR this time and don't want to get it cancelled lol).

    Regarding the BOGO rebate, I have screenshots from my chat conversation where I was told the rebate will still be valid as long as I submit the new phone information. I will be doing that today and will update if there are any issues.

    My first thought on the S7E? I like the hardware just fine. It is quicker than my N7 and has a different feel in the hand, but its not a bad difference. The thing I really dislike (starting to actually hate it) is the difference in software. The little differences the N7 have are worth the price difference alone. This just made me realize how close to perfect the N7 is, and I cant wait to get it back. I'm not even going to care what color I get, as long as I get it.

    If anyone has questions about the process, let me know.
    09-15-2016 07:20 AM

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