10-08-2016 02:18 AM
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  1. Serkle K's Avatar
    Anyone know how to force this update?

    Kind of a strange random request, right? Well, I had to do an exchange yesterday because my first Note had some hardware issues. Now that I have another new replacement, it hasn't prompted me for the update, and when I check for an update, it says I'm on the latest version, but no green battery icons. I do have the Samsung+ app, and it does tell me that it's a safe device, but the green battery would make it a little easier to show. And to be honest, I thought it was a nice little touch, IMO.
    09-24-2016 09:20 AM
  2. dvarapala's Avatar
    Maybe you can trade phones with this guy?
    Serkle K likes this.
    09-24-2016 05:08 PM
  3. dlgus's Avatar
    Or is this just more speculation?
    The Canada replacements are reporting no green battery icon on their replacements.

    'Safe' Galaxy Note 7s may use a different battery icon | Android Central
    Mine has it!
    09-24-2016 05:38 PM
  4. Jewels81's Avatar
    Wow the green battery icon really stands out lol. It's all good tho. Don't bother me a bit.
    10-08-2016 02:18 AM
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