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    So I have the Edge as my N7 loaner.

    In the meantime, the wife got the iPhone 7+ that she was lucky enough to order and secure on day it was released.

    But she left for 4 days on a cruise for work. So I got to boot it up and test it (she's so generous).

    I had the 6s+ before the Note 7. Here are my real thoughts on the phone

    1. Photos are improved. But I took out my old 6+ and then did comparisons and it's not dramatic difference. I don't get all the hype around this.

    2. The phone is fast. But so was my 6s+. I ran some situations of opening apps side by side and I was laughing because there was almost no difference between the two of them. So while it's fast it's ALWAYS been fast and smooth.

    3. They look and feel identical. The included earphones with the 7 are really nice and sound surprising good. Actually I tried that vs my 6s+ and i can actually tell a difference. The 7 is louder and seems a little clearer.

    4. And that goes for calls. 7+ is a definite improvement. HD quality type when talking. Strange difference.

    5. Battery - No for the big test. So I LOVED the battery on my 6s+. I would routinely get 12-14 hours with heavy use.

    So I loaded up all the apps I normally use, settings the same, etc. Results?

    12.5 hours on day 1 (Friday-Sat)
    13.2 hours on day 2 (Saturday-Sun)
    11.8 hours all day Monday.

    I don't really notice a difference with it at all. Crazy because I told myself no way I'd change UNLESS I'd get 14-16 hours of battery and then I might make move after this Samsung fiasco.

    Now. Wife is going to need it Wednesday so I am going to use it all day, same use as my Note 7 was subjected to, and then I'll get a better idea.

    But overall I think the 7 hype was that. HYPE. Of course it's a nice phone. So was the 6s+. iOS 10 is nice but I already have all of those "cool features" on my Note series. So it's funny listening to everyone ooh and ahhh over it.

    It's not revolutionary. It's not this big break through. It's nice. It's always been nice. So for someone that has the 6s+ as my now second phone and daily driver for almost 9 months until move to N7, count me in as "more of the same".
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    09-20-2016 06:12 AM
  2. mantaka's Avatar
    iP7+ its huge like a brick compared to note 7.
    09-20-2016 06:35 AM
  3. dsignori's Avatar
    Thanks for the review. the iP7+ sounds like it's fast, has very good (if not much improved ) battery life. Very good (if not much improved) camera. Sounds about right. I am sure it's a good , solid phone.
    09-20-2016 06:42 AM

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