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    On September 9th the CPSC and Samsung said "turn off the Note 7 and don't use it." I turned my phone in and got a S7 Edge.
    On September 21st, just 12 days later, I was notified by my Verizon rep that my replacement Note was in stock. I took back the S7E and was in business with the Note 7 again.

    In July I was notified that my Ford (also an Edge) had a bad front passenger airbag that could harm or kill someone. I was told that a recall would follow later. Since then I've allowed no passengers in the front seat. It's now September 22nd and I haven't heard a peep from Ford about the recall. I'm getting pretty tired of fitting 3 people in the back seat with an empty passenger seat.

    Who did a better job at a recall? The Korean company did.
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    09-22-2016 11:40 AM
  2. Resident Psycho's Avatar
    Comparing these 2 are completely different. I work for a Honda dealership and Honda has handled it the best out of all the car companies involved. They offered loaners to those who were afraid to drive.. Keeping people for 3 months in loaners and footing the bill. But on the side of it.. Your talking about multiple car manufacturers.. And a company.. Takata... Who have to work together to have replacement inflators made and shipped... And we're talking in the 50 million or so range.
    09-22-2016 08:12 PM
  3. pduffer's Avatar
    Still, you have to admit that Samsung has handled this exceptionally well. Would be great if more companies followed their example.
    09-22-2016 08:57 PM

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