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    First I'm based in Thailand where Samsung is number one. They have been terrible here regarding dates etc. If I don't cancel I get 60 dollars discount plus wireless charger and battery back case plus Vr plus another case and free insurance re glass repair if I drop the phone. Or I can get my deposit back and get 60 dollars for inconvenience.
    So that would mean I would be waiting 4 months from the time I ordered it. All excitement going. I have a perfectly good note 4 now. Maybe just wait till note 8. If I'm to cancel I must let them know by Oct 9. Shame I don't feel there's any really good choices other the iPhone which I don't want. So the package I'm offered to stay is worth nearly 10000 dollars in extras. Most if which I already purchased from Amazon already. Your thoughts? What would you do.
    09-23-2016 05:03 AM

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