11-10-2016 08:00 AM
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  1. athenatp's Avatar
    Keeping mine, at first the replacement had crappy battery but then i did the software update n wow, it's been excellent better than the original ( which was good too).
    I had to look for my update after reading these boards, i didnt automatically get it from Tmobile, so please make sure ur phones are updated....if they r updated sorry but u guys probably got lemons. I would return for another one.
    09-26-2016 11:20 AM
  2. Breuklen's Avatar
    A friend has had a few problems, mostly just overheating. I'm not sure if she did the software update, but will suggest it to her. The other few friends/acquaintances that opted to stick it out for a replacement N7 have had nothing but praises.
    09-26-2016 05:33 PM
  3. DudeThatsErin's Avatar
    I'm going to see how expensive the pixel phones are in relation to my n7 and what features they have, etc. Then I will decide.
    09-26-2016 05:57 PM
  4. spasell's Avatar
    Everything was smooth and battery was good.

    I say was as in past tense because just today, it started to drain much faster for some strange reason. I didn't do anything to it.

    It was also running hot so I restarted phone and it stopped running hot.

    Before I decide what to do I'm going to probably do a FDR and see what happens. If that doesn't solve whatever the issue is I'll probably get Edge and wait until next version.

    This does suck though because my original N7 had zero and I mean zero issues at all. Long battery. No lag. Was the perfect device.
    09-26-2016 06:05 PM
  5. Harry Dunn's Avatar
    I was going to exchange mine back for a S7E but they wouldn't allow me to at Verizon so I guess I'm keeping the note... It is a good phone though but I had a S7E between notes an preferred the size of it better... Guess I shouldn't of exchanged it for the new non explosive note in the first place haha oh well
    09-26-2016 06:30 PM
  6. JoBudden's Avatar
    I'm not having great battery life either. Facebook seems to be my culprit. It used 16% screen used 22% and system used 12%
    Attached Thumbnails Anyone considering returning your replacemnet N7??-1337.jpg  
    09-26-2016 10:51 PM
  7. brothamoveson's Avatar
    No works great.
    09-26-2016 11:20 PM
  8. Roman Akert's Avatar
    Wow a 6hr sot? Nice!
    Try the S7E.

    8 hours average 😆
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    09-27-2016 05:35 AM
  9. Roman Akert's Avatar
    I'm not having great battery life either. Facebook seems to be my culprit. It used 16% screen used 22% and system used 12%
    Yes. FB sucks the battery dry, everyone knows that.
    09-27-2016 05:37 AM
  10. jamesrick80's Avatar
    Yes. FB sucks the battery dry, everyone knows that.
    True and the browser version uses less resources...i created a quick link which still uses the normal Facebook icon on my homescreen to get to Facebook instead of using the app....better off disabling it
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    09-27-2016 07:37 AM
  11. phillyundead's Avatar
    I am considering it... The replacement still runs hot at times. Today I was not connected to Wifi, I looked and only one Wifi network was showing up. It kept scanning and that is all it found, there are normally a few and the one I connect to was not there. I rebooted the phone and they all magically appeared and it connected. Anyone else have this problem?

    Also when streaming movies over a fast wifi connection such as Google movies it bufferes a lot and ruines the experience, my shield tablet never buffers. Anyone have this problem?
    I have that issue with both Wi-Fi and mobile networks. I'm done with this phone. This is just ridiculous at this point. This is the 3rd "lemon" note 7 Samsung has given me. They gave me a phone that could have potentially hurt me and others that I flew accords the country with for God's sake. They went from top tier quality to joke.
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    09-28-2016 12:09 PM
  12. nuangel2's Avatar
    09-28-2016 02:26 PM
  13. billykac's Avatar
    Another short answer to OP question...

    09-28-2016 02:32 PM
  14. brau0303's Avatar
    Not even considered it. Awesome phone..

    09-28-2016 02:51 PM
  15. omgitselaine's Avatar
    I'm keeping mines !! A little more than a week since I've had it and no issues whatsoever.

    Sucks it seems as if some folks have had troubles with their replacements which I feel bad for but I'd replace those if I were in their shoes.
    09-28-2016 02:55 PM
  16. rushmore's Avatar
    My original and replacement have not had heat issues, but would return is they did. Not normal for the Note 7.
    09-28-2016 02:58 PM
  17. shaleem's Avatar
    Return my Note 7 (Replacement)? Not a chance!
    09-28-2016 03:03 PM
  18. Sdn2995's Avatar
    Battery better than pre replacement charges faster and does not get the slightest bit warm when charging
    09-28-2016 08:58 PM
  19. hasasimo's Avatar
    Battery life has been terrific for me. No lag on the phone either. Only gripe is that if you enter an area with 0 reception, the phone doesn't want to look for reception again unless you toggle Airplane Mode off and on. That can be fixed with a future firmware update though.

    It's the most complete smartphone on the market, and everything but my minor gripe above operates like the top flagship on the market should. Keeping mine, suffice it to say.
    09-28-2016 09:46 PM
  20. smcd5213's Avatar
    Prior to the replacement, the battery life was nothing special, and compared to my Note5, it seemed a bit slow. This replacement model though, is flat out awesome after the day one green battery indicator update. Fast, smooth and excellent battery life. Best phone I owned to date, and I've pretty much tried them all. Definitely will not be returning.

    Also- I still find it fascinating that people go online to compare battery life as if it's only dependent on the model of phone. So much of it depends on the system and app settings, that there's no way 1:1 comparisons can be made. I wonder how many people immediately conclude that the "battery life stinks" but have every notification turned on, GPS set to high accuracy all the time, screen brightness cranked, etc, etc.
    09-28-2016 10:08 PM
  21. KupKrazy's Avatar
    The more negative stories that come out, the more I will wear the Note 7 badge of honor proudly. Seriously, it's been really great for me. I am happy with the battery life and it doesn't get hot when charging like I read from some people. I'm in this for the long haul.. at least until the Note 8.
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    09-28-2016 10:13 PM
  22. ThrottleJohnny's Avatar
    No one is considering the V20?
    09-28-2016 10:33 PM
  23. Inevitable Flux's Avatar
    Not returning. The replacement has actually been smoother in all aspects than my pre-recall Note 7.
    Also, I'm getting a lot of questions, of late, asking if the "new" Note 7s are available for sale now from friends, coworkers, and complete strangers in coffee shops! It's nice to see that all the "bad" press/recall press hasn't diminished consumer's interest in the phone.
    09-28-2016 10:50 PM
  24. climb's Avatar
    Talking to T-Mobile now on returning my replacement Note7. After setting up a clean install and factory reset, Battery seems to drain too fast for just 1 app being installed after compared to my old N7 which had more than 50 apps.
    You may have gotten a lemon

    My first note and the replacement note have been superb by all metrics.

    Battery life has been excellent , chip set responsive , and in all other ways an outstanding phone.
    09-28-2016 11:09 PM
  25. Almeuit's Avatar
    No one is considering the V20?
    I am -- or the Google Pixel (XL). I really was dead set on the V20 but since they are dragging their feet on releasing it .. It gives me time to check out what Google is doing.
    09-28-2016 11:34 PM
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