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    So I'm new to the Note series but had S Notes on my Galaxy S7. So I had some "notes" there. I also use Keep...mainly just a list organizer...a "to do" type of thing. But I also have some information in Keep (for example I have notes on the paint colors used in my condo, along with pics of the paint cans with the paint codes). I then thought it made sense to transfer this information OneNote.

    Now I have Samsung Notes...the older version of S Notes and Keep. And I'm getting myself all discombobulated trying to figure out how to best organize myself and what I use when. Add in the whole "cloud storage" issues (Drive...Dropbox...OneDrive...).

    So far I DON'T use the pen all that much because I don't know if I should be creating in S Notes in case I end up wanting to link to an action, or Samsung Notes because I won't need to link...and I'm a bit confused as to how useful these 2 programs are if they don't offer web or computer sync??? So then I think Keep might be the best way to go about things, but then if I do start to jot a note in Keep I can't convert it at all if I should need to (handwriting to text)...at least I don't think I can.

    So deep breath and a step back...can you all share some ways you are using your S Pen...what apps...your workflow so to speak. For example, do you use S Notes exclusively for "notes on the run", but use Samsung Notes for things that you know you need to retain. Do you use something exclusively for entry simplicity and then "share with" another program?

    I'm just looking for some out of the box thoughts as well as day-to-day functions. Don't misunderstand...I'm not trying to force myself to use something I don't need...rather I'm trying to figure out how a new tech I have access to might simplify things for me.

    I do use the AOD memo pin...usually when we are running out to the store and both calling out "last minute" things we need to get...but not being able to update it after-the-fact and still have it pinned limits that a little bit.

    I don't find myself in a position to have to sign documents or anything like that, but would love to hear how you might be using it in that capacity as well.

    Also...maybe you aren't using it for writing at all, but rather artwork, etc. Just looking for ideas/thoughts/sharing.

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    09-25-2016 07:45 PM
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    Somebody here on the forum shared this video yesterday. Covers many functions on the s pen most probably never knew existed.

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    09-25-2016 08:42 PM
  3. blackhemi4x4's Avatar
    I'm a power excel user, and the s-pen helps a lot with excel when I'm on the go.

    I use Autodesk sketchbook pro for my home business graphics, online photos, and whatnot.

    Sometimes, when causally on the couch, I will use the handwriting functions for text messages and emails. Sometimes it's just nice to write!
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    09-25-2016 08:52 PM
  4. msm0511's Avatar
    I honestly haven't found a ton of uses for it yet either. The older version with Action Memo sounds kind of amazing, but I'm waiting for Samsung to bring it back (hopefully built in to Samsung Notes) to use it. I draw horribly, write down my schedule, and other quick things I need to save with it, but I'm interested in finding better uses for it as well. Gonna watch the vid above.
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    09-25-2016 09:06 PM
  5. alwilliam's Avatar
    I started with the Note 3 now to Note 7 because I deal with a lot of spread sheets and Excel applications on my phone. Now imagine doing that with your fingers (and a smaller phone).
    I'm also a freelance event decorator. I ask clients what they want, budget, theme, what not. I tell them this and that and most time they have no idea what I'm talking about. So it's nice when you can send photos or screen shots where you can circle stuff and make notations.
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    09-26-2016 01:58 AM
  6. French's Avatar
    msm0511: Exactly!

    naturecannon: I did watch that video and it was great...I plan to watch it a couple of more times because there's a lot he goes over.

    To all: I think I'm really struggling with best practice of what app to use in what scenario. I, too, hope Samsung Notes incorporates Action Memos so we can have ONE app that does both...that would make it a little more cut and dry as to when I might use another app instead of the S-Pen Samsung app. But straddling TWO Samsung note apps plus Keep and the myriad of other options is a bit overwhelming, hence wanting to get a feel for others' workflow.
    09-26-2016 03:01 PM

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