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    Has anyone got a Galaxy Note7 Duos? Did you send it back? Tell us your experience with the battery problem.

    It was kinda hard for me to make the decision to sent it back, considering it has to go all the way to China. First of all, the phone has got to IMEI numbers, one for each Sim slot. And I was pretty confused also because, when I entered the first IMEI on the Samsung recall website, they told me my phone was affected by the battery problem, but when I entered the second one they said everything was alright with the phone. In the end I had to use the phone's Serial Number to convince myself and actually go through the exchange process.

    My Note7 was ok at first. It used to charge real fast when I first bought it, until the first update... when the charge speed became really average. I never went through the 60% update. It used to heat as any regular phone does, though sometimes it actually had some overheating issues under random use, such as writing a note with the S-Pen.

    Does anyone here own a Note7 Duos? How has it been for you all this thing about the battery issue?
    10-05-2016 11:34 AM

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