1. Kelton Jennings's Avatar
    My edge screen shows a white bar that looks like my edge handle but my edge handle sits on top of this. It is bigger than my edge handle even at the biggest setting and it only shows when I'm on the home screen. Needless to say its rather annoying. How do I get rid of it? I have checked my settings 20+ times and can't find anything nor can I find any info.

    Edge handle bottom and random white bar top. Bar does not move or do anything like edge handle.
    10-06-2016 03:16 PM
  2. N4Newbie's Avatar
    Scroll down to the "Edge Feeds" section of this page 35 Galaxy Note 7 Tips & Tricks

    Is that what you are talking about?
    10-06-2016 03:31 PM
  3. Kelton Jennings's Avatar
    It is not edge feeds. Like I said it does nothing except be a white bar on my screen. The Google link has a picture in my original post
    10-06-2016 05:54 PM
  4. chazglenn3's Avatar
    Looks like the Samsung Pay quick launch to me. It should be at the bottom of your home screen. Try sliding the tab in and see if it opens the app. Or try turning off the quick launch feature in the Samsung Pay app.
    10-06-2016 07:17 PM
  5. Kelton Jennings's Avatar
    Have Samsung pay and it's at the bottom. When I took that pic i didn't even have pay setup
    10-08-2016 04:13 PM
  6. chazglenn3's Avatar
    In that case, it sounds like it's time for a factory data reset of it bothers you enough to do it.
    10-08-2016 07:12 PM

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