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    OK - Had an S7 E and grabbed a Note 7 yesterday (I'm not afraid )

    Before I ask this, I know nobody else would find it useful AND it will hurt your battery life AND all sorts of other reasons why this would ruin the phone, people's lives and probably the universe BUT I would like it!

    The AOD and notification light can show that you have a message and if you rub the edge of the phone (which is kinda creepy) you can see a preview.

    I would love a setting where the edge could preview the message without the creepy rubbing. Have it just scroll across when the message comes in. No touching required.

    Can it be done? If so I haven't seen it.

    If it can't, I'd love to have the option.

    I think it was available the Note 4 Edge. Like a lite-version of the V10/V20 ticker display.

    Fire away!
    10-06-2016 06:52 PM

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