11-13-2016 10:40 AM
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  1. SuperOAP's Avatar
    So what happens if you still have yours & is working fine in Jan 2017

    I know that feeling. I really did NOT want to give mine back. Its a company phone though and eventually I actually got a telling off and was forced to return it (not sure if they were more worried about the potential fire hazards or losing out on the return window).

    Anyway I finally managed to let it go on Friday and am now using a Pixel XL. No idea what its like in terms of capabilities, but looks wise I feel like I have gone from Bradley Copper to Dobby from Harry Potter. Don't get me wrong I think Dobby is kinda cute but doesn't mean I want to wake up to him every morning!
    10-24-2016 12:39 PM
  2. ilordvader's Avatar
    11-13-2016 10:40 AM
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