1. jordankreationz's Avatar
    I'm sure this will be deleted by the time I'm done typing, but just on a whim, since I have my Note 5 on straight talk (it was my Pokemon chasing phone lol) I decided to put in my info and see if I could run there Note 7 on straight talk. I put in the IMEI and it says it's supported and I can activate. I'm heading out for a Dr appt now but if this thread remains when i return I'll update it if it actually worked.
    Yes yes yes I know the dangers etc. I'm just seeing if it's a possibility.
    Spoke to verizon this am and the only 2 phones they have that are 50% buy out phones are the iPhone 7 and 7 plus. Not sure I'm ready to do that. And I would like to try the pixel XL but not be stuck with it for 2 years if it sucks.
    Not saying I'm keeping my unsafe Note 7 forever, but until I decide what i want to do, I'll put my Note 5 back on verizon and give that a shot. Just saying.
    And boom.... deleted.
    10-17-2016 10:38 AM
  2. LeoRex's Avatar
    Carriers haven't blacklisted the Note 7.... yet... but I suspect that if there is a decent amount of Note 7's coming up in their usage stats, one (or all) of the carriers are going to lay down the hammer at some point. Allowing the phone to operate on their network could be views as them being complicit if and when something bad happens due to a battery failure. I am sure that none of them will want to deal with that liability.

    By the way, i don't think anyone has any plans to delete this thread... no reason to.
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    10-17-2016 11:11 AM
  3. skatergirl's Avatar
    A number of threads relating to the continued use of the Note 7 have indeed been closed or merged but not deleted. If deleted it was for some other matter related to the thread. That said, sometimes a thread grows to numerous pages and they tend to get off topic. That is when I have personally closed threads. It is better to start a new thread with a revised topic.

    The Note 7 forum has not been closed and members are free to create new threads and post comments.
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    10-17-2016 11:46 AM

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