11-11-2016 07:58 PM
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  1. Smith 001's Avatar
    agree.I would stick in samsung.
    10-26-2016 05:02 AM
  2. wookiee2cu's Avatar
    I said the same thing. I thought people were crazy to think Samsung would kill off the Note line. Yeah, its a terrible loss for them but car manufactures have been able to recover from deaths that have resulted from defects in their vehicles and continue to make new cars using the exact same model name. No one died using a Note 7, so no reason Samsung shouldn't continue the Note line.
    Kill off the line, no. Kill off the name, probably. Too much bad press/stigma associated with the name. I can't wait for the next variant and have no problem doing a pre-order again.
    10-26-2016 01:56 PM
  3. NotAnAppleGuy's Avatar
    If they could thoroughly explain EXACTLY what the problem had been and promise that they fixed it, I would prefer the Note 8 to be near identical to the Note 7. I absolutely LOVED everything about the Note 7's that I had. I see no reason to do any changes to them, except maybe toss a dual camera lens on the back similar to iPhone and V20. If they did a nice wide angle lens next to their standard lens, I'd be thrilled. I wouldn't mind if they dropped the home button like some have mentioned, and put the fingerprint sensor under glass somewhere. But even if it was identical in every single way with just the added camera lens and some new software improvements, I'd jump all over that deal.
    Hold up. The problem is Samsung can't even replicate this issue. That alone tells me at most there is something fishy going on.
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    10-26-2016 03:01 PM
  4. NotAnAppleGuy's Avatar
    You don't think they dug themselves into a HUGE hole with how the Note 7 thing went down? It wasn't so much that the phone launched with a massive defect, but more the fact that they claimed they fixed the defect and re-released a phone that STILL breathed fire. The public isn't all that savvy when it comes to mobile phones... outside of our little tight circle, Samsungs are now the phones that catch fire all the time. Samsung's Note 7 circus made world headline news and "Is it safe?" is going to be the lead every time they launch a new phone for a year or two.

    If they do name the next one the Note 8.... the 'man on the street' is only going to associate that with the one that blew up.... don't underestimate the power of branding. If it came with a whole new moniker, whatever that might be, it'll be a lot easier to sell to a skeptical public.

    Fact is the Samsung brand has been heavily damaged.... they need to repair that where they can.
    Samsung is a conglomerate. It has at least 6 different divisions. 2 of those divisions being heavy industries (ship building) and electronics (phones/tv's blah blah). While the electronics division may very well take a serious hit, Samsung as a whole isn't going anywhere in our lifetime. They will be fine.
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    10-26-2016 03:11 PM
  5. LegalAmerican's Avatar
    Hold up. The problem is Samsung can't even replicate this issue. That alone tells me at most there is something fishy going on.
    You may be right. But as a consumer, that's still kind of scary to have the reports going crazy, whether they're real or not. I'd be much more comfortable if they could get to the bottom of it, as we all would. Except maybe the Verge.
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    10-26-2016 03:12 PM
  6. debdroid1a's Avatar
    But would you still get it if it's just a N7 refresh?
    It will be better because they have to compete with the iPhone 10 year anniversary phone which is rumored to be BIG. A refresh won't cut it, especially if the S8 is big. They may even try to top the S8 to win back customers to the Spen phone.
    10-26-2016 03:44 PM
  7. Ry's Avatar
    Apparently, the Note line isn't dead.

    In Korea, customers who have a Note 7 and switched to the S7 or S7 edge have the choice to upgrade to the S8 or Note 8 once half of their device is paid off.

    What's interesting is that the Galaxy Note 8 is mentioned, meaning that there may be a successor in the works.

    Samsung's Note 7 upgrade program lets Korean customers buy the Galaxy S8 or Note 8 for 50% off | Android Central
    12-18 month development cycles.

    Sometimes/most time longer.

    Moto Z started development around the time of the original Moto X launch in 2013.
    10-26-2016 03:57 PM
  8. LeoRex's Avatar
    Hold up. The problem is Samsung can't even replicate this issue. That alone tells me at most there is something fishy going on.
    Or it could mean that the problem is something extremely subtle and hard to isolate. I was working on a software product that once took 8 months to determine the root cause of a memory bleed... Had engineers from my company and Microsoft picking over things with a fine tooth comb.

    There's nothing fishy... Just a defective product.
    10-26-2016 04:03 PM
  9. debdroid1a's Avatar
    BGR did an article based on a "well known leaker" tweet about a Note 8.
    Galaxy Note 8 rumors: Release date might be 2017 after all | BGR
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    11-11-2016 04:30 PM
  10. recDNA's Avatar
    No way the Note 8 will launch in March when the S line usually does. That is WAY too soon and they still don't have it figured out what caused the problems with the Note 7.
    If that's the case I don't see how they could release the S8 either.
    11-11-2016 07:58 PM
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