1. Muhammed Salah's Avatar
    I have problem with my note 8.0 it 's while i am surfing the internet or playing a game the screen locked automatically while the screen is active and i make the screen timeout is 30 min and lock time out 30 min too :S Anyone Has Any Idea To Solve That Problem
    07-01-2013 04:00 PM
  2. Out Cold 111's Avatar
    I just started having the same problem with my tablet tonight too. I also have the Note 8.0 and I was right in the middle of checking the weather and Facebook and the screen locks on me! it makes the water drip noise like i pressed the lock button on the side and the screen goes black. I turn it back on and 15 seconds later it does it again.
    I dont have and answer for this problem. Im in the same boat as you.

    I would love some insight on whats causing the problem.
    07-29-2013 08:53 PM
  3. iphone5s's Avatar
    Try this: Settings/Display/Features/Disable smart stay.
    07-29-2013 10:09 PM
  4. Haalcyon's Avatar
    Whoa, I haven't had this problem yet on my Note 8.0 LTE but I just got an update recently and hope it doesn't start doing this.

    Sent from my Element Eclipsed S4
    07-30-2013 01:05 AM
  5. Anjong's Avatar
    Do you have a back cover for ur note 8.0? Try to remove the back cover and observe it while ur surfing or flipping and tilting ur tab. I don't know the logic about it! But it works fine for me.... good luck!
    08-02-2013 01:00 AM
  6. scarrsport's Avatar
    Mine also does this - very annoying!
    However only when I rest the bottom or left side on my clothed body whilst using it!
    I will try suggestions made and report back.
    08-02-2013 01:20 AM
  7. Erhnam_Djinn14's Avatar
    Im having the same problem happens most of the time when Im watching movies sometimes happens in 30sec sometimes after 2 min-5min I already did change the settings recommended in this thread like disabling smart stay. I wonder if I need a firmware update, I just bought this and its only 4 days old so im kinda bummed
    08-07-2013 08:52 AM
  8. normanprabowo's Avatar
    ur back cover have a magnetic thing . this magnetic thing like a sensor to auto lock your screen . if you close your screen with ur cover or flipping it back that will lock ur screen . try to find the magnetic thing and I think u can solve the problem
    08-20-2013 02:44 PM
  9. Santiago Molina Giraldo's Avatar
    I am having a similar problem with my note 8. When I am playing games or watching videos it auto locks, and to unlock it I have to rotate it first. It is really anoying, I already disabled the smart stay and I have no magnetic cover, so that's not the problem.
    08-12-2014 11:02 AM

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