1. WCW1's Avatar
    I just got my Note 8 yesterday. Setting it up completely is definitely not for the novice or faint of heart. I have browsed the internet and looked through my Note but I can't figure out where to put ebooks so they will show under the my device tab. I also have a Kindle Ink Reader and have installed the Kindle App on my Note 8. I have a bunch of books on my computer that I want to put on the Note, but cannot for the life of me figure out where they go. I have two books that come under the My Device tab and I can't even find where they are stored on my Note.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I also have a 32GB microSD card installed.

    Thanks in advance.

    08-04-2013 12:27 PM
  2. bclinger#IM's Avatar
    The default depends on the application. May I suggest a file explorer similar to ES File Explore. Most readers allow you to choose where files are downloaded to and also have a built in file manager.
    08-04-2013 12:45 PM
  3. WCW1's Avatar
    Thanks for the info.

    I have solved part of my problem. I downloaded Moon Reader Pro which seems to work well. I found how to put epub files in the main memory, but trying to figure out if they can be put on the SD card.
    08-04-2013 01:18 PM
  4. David Campbell3's Avatar
    I use the Send to Kindle app. Works great.

    Posted via Android Central App
    08-06-2013 02:38 AM
  5. Bangkok Hound's Avatar
    Yes, you can put epub files on your sd card and Moon Reader will read them. Under 'Options' you can designate a folder on your sd card to be the main folder that Moon Reader will search for files. I have a folder on my sd card named 'ebooks' where I put all my files that I want Moon Reader to open.
    Moon Reader is great. It opens epub, mobi, pdf, and others.
    08-06-2013 05:08 AM
  6. WCW1's Avatar
    Thanks for the info. I finally figured out how to get the EPUB books on the External SD card. It was confusing me because it showed the default as SD Card and not ExtSD Card. Once I fixed that, Moon Reader now defaults to that. I like Moon Reader better than Kindle. I can use Calibre program which will send the books directly to the EXTSD Card . The one thing that I may have to do is turn off the dictionary as it it very sensitive and pops up often.

    Thanks for the help.

    Setting up this device is not for a novice and includes no instructions. Thankfully, there are forums such as this one to get assistance which is great.
    08-06-2013 03:28 PM
  7. karsdroid's Avatar
    i use coolreader....
    08-06-2013 07:37 PM

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