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    Posting this here just in case anyone can help Im using the comixology app on both my Galaxy Note 8 and my Galaxy Note 3. When I use it on the 8 I experience an issue whereby when I use guided view system, the status bar removes itself from view but a black area of the screen still exists at the top where the status bar was, sometimes cutting over the art/word balloons. When I view the same comic in the same way on my note 3, the status bar removes itself, but there is no black bar left, and therefore no obstruction.

    I cant figure out why this might be The Note 3 Is running 4.3 and the Note 8 4.2.2. Could this be the issue in all other respects they are the same im using Nova Launcher on both, the same settings on the app and Nova are applied. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Comixology app, rebooted, tried various status bar hiding apps, rebooted, uninstalled all of those Nothing seems to get rid of this black area.

    Any ideas its not a big thing I know, but now I notice it, its annoying

    I have contacted Comixology about this... but Im just too impatient to wait for their response.... :-)
    11-20-2013 04:03 AM

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