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    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 running version 4.2.2. I use the email program installed at the factory (icon looks like an envelope with the symbol @), not Gmail or any other program. Many of the emails I receive contain dozens of email addresses from previous forwarding's; I want to forward these emails, but without all this "crap". When I have received an email I want to forward, and it contains email addresses, I find I cannot edit the email until I click on Forward. Either one of two things happen, all the old forwarded addresses are gone, or I can edit them out of the message. In either case, when I forward that "clean" email, the addresses reappear when the recipient opens them. I also tried unchecking the box "Include original message text", but then everything is wiped out the message to be forwarded as well as the unwanted addresses. I have looked at Settings to see if there was something I could change, no good. I have also emailed Samsung and received no useful information. Can anyone help? Thank you.
    01-03-2014 08:36 AM
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    I'm not acquainted with the program but a couple ideas.

    You could just copy and paste into a new email if all else fails.

    I'm wondering if maybe it is only highlighting and deleting only part of the list. You might try highlighting a portion, then control A to select all and delete and try it.

    It may just be a problem with the program, maybe someone else that uses it will post.
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    01-03-2014 10:14 AM

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