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    I would like to play some big game with about 100 MB obb file. But i don't know how and where to install the obb file in my note 8. According to the online manual, I noted that, to put it to sdcard>android>obb. But in my note, I found the android folder in internal storage as "emulated>0>Android>MiniSNote, data and obb", not on sdcard.
    Q1. So, what shall I do?
    Q2. Which one do need to be install in first, shall apk file or obb?
    Q3. How to put the obb into "obb folder" for example; only .obb file or with cover folder (.com folder include .obb)

    01-05-2014 11:08 PM
  2. naungnow's Avatar
    Now I know the answer and I success like that;
    First copy two of files apk and obb (according to folder)
    And, put the obb folder into emulated>0>Android>data file (internal storage)
    And installed apk and played it.
    It was pretty success.
    01-07-2014 01:24 AM

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