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    My s pen supplied with the GN 8 works fine. While holding the pen at a normal angle, the pen whites right where the tip contacts the screen. The pen is too small for serious use, so I bought a Wacom Stylus Feel. Listed by Wacom to have been tested & compatible with the Note 8. It's not! I mean, it works, but the registration is off by about 2mm. The pen must be held perfectly vertical for it to write where it points. Apparently many have noted this. Returned the Wacom & purchased a Samsung S Pen & Holder. Listed by Samsung as compatible with the Note 8. Same issue. About 2mm offset with the tip to screen position. Unfortunately the supplied s pen is not the same shape as my Note 8 pen, so I can't substitute it in the holder. So I will return it. Now, I can't seem to trust any of the vendors compatibility claims & I still want a larger pen to use with the Note 8. Does anyone have any personal experience with this issue & know of any pen I can get?
    Very frustrating!

    03-27-2014 07:51 PM

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