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    A few days ago, my Galaxy Note 8.0 battery ran out, so i plugged it in to charge. The next day i checked to see if the batter was full but (when the Note 8.0 is off and plugged in you can turn on the screen to see how charged it is, which is represented by an empty battery icon that fills up with green depending on how charged the tablet is) there was only a small sliver of green meaning it hadn't charged at all. At this time the screen also began to flicker quite a bit. I thought this was merely because of extreme lack of power. I also though that my charging cord was no longer functioning. I then borrowed a Kindle Fire charging cord (which has been able to charge my Note in the past) from an irrelevant human and tried to charge my tablet again. Once again, there was no increase in battery percentage.
    Here's the scary part; about two months ago another irrelevant human dropped my tablet and cracked the screen. The crack is one crack in a corner of the screen that goes from one edge of the screen to an adjacent edge of the screen (so theres kind of a triangle shape on one side of the crack and the rest of the screen on the other side.)

    I don't know if this is a battery problem or because of the crack or a virus. I don't know squat. Sorry, i don't know how or if you can add pictures. Thanks for your help! I got a deal at two hundred dollars (basically my summer job right there) and the warranty is expired, so i would really like to get this fixed.
    03-11-2015 04:52 PM
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    Is the USB port clean and undamaged?

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    03-11-2015 05:56 PM
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    It's clean but it might be damaged. Lately i have had to fiddle with the cord to get it to start charging and sometimes it i bump it, it will stop charging until i fiddle with it again...Okay, i tried charging a kindle with my tablet cord and it worked just fine, so it's the usb port. Thanks for your help!
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    03-12-2015 02:06 PM

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