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    Questions for you Android experts out there...
    Seriously thinking about rooting my Note 8.0 (WiFi version) as I am so sick of Samsung bloat ware taking up space while I have to delete apps I like in order to load apps I need slightly more.
    I'm a novice at this although I'm not entirely un-technical. I have been reading up various guides, but rooting does make me nervous. I also haven't found a guide specific to the Note 8.0. Can you point me to a good one?
    Also am I right in thinking that the best thing to do is to flash a custom ROM once the device has been rooted. Would a custom ROM affect the Spen functionality at all? Which ROM would you recommend for Note 8.0?
    05-06-2015 05:48 PM
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    Welcome to the forums.

    Sorry for the delay. I found this on how to root your device: Learn how to root your Note 8.0 GT-N5110 JB … | Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 | XDA Forums
    Although, I would double check your model number versus the model for the guide.

    I don't have the Note 8.0, but I have rooted/ROM'd Samsung devices in the past. As far as keeping SPen functions, you would need to load a custom Stock ROM. Basically, one where a developer has removed the bloatware. Another option is you can keep your current version of the ROM, and use Titanium Backup to freeze or delete the apps you don't want. I would suggest doing 2 things: Making a Nandroid after rooting, but before making any changes, and to freeze apps before deleting them.

    You can look these over:



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    05-09-2015 10:12 AM

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