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    I have installed Word on my Samsung Note 8.0. I want to create a hyperlink to a file resident on my tablet. I have had partial success, meaning that when I paste the path to this file: /storage/emulated/0/Standardization Task Booklet/FCILTs/Cadet.docx the hyperlink works.

    However, when I past the path to this file: /storage/emulated/0/Standardization Task Booklet/7.0 Tasks Approach/7.11 CATIII Approach_working.docx , the file doesn't open via the hyperlink.

    The first file was converted to word using a free online PDF to Word conversion tool. The second file was created on my computer using Office, and transferred to my tablet via Dropbox with the Sync app.

    I can't seem to figure out why one file will work as a hyperlink, and the other no. Is the second path too long? Are there hyperlink attributes that I must respect? Need help here.

    05-09-2015 05:48 AM

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