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    I have a strange issue, have scoured the web but can't seem to find a fix. My tablet is displaying horizontal bands of colour, the same colours as what should be showing on the screen. For example, if I had a red, white and purple background, it would show red, white and purple lines across the screen. The tablet still functions even when this is going on (can still pull down the menu, touch to turn off, etc.) .

    Stranger, it's not happening all the time. I can use the tablet for hours with everything functioning as it should (using it now to type this post). After leaving it for an hour or two, I wake it up by pressing either the home or power key and the lines will be back.

    Sometimes just turning the screen off and back on gets it working right again, sometimes it takes a few taps on the back to the tablet. But Once its working again, it stays working until the screen is off again for awhile.

    I've already cleared the cache, it was just factory reset, I've had the back off, disconnected the battery and reseated what I think were the screen connectors.

    Any ideas, anyone? There is absolutely nothing wrong with the display when its working right, just can't figure out why its doing this. I had pictures but I don't know how to upload them here.
    06-24-2015 09:03 PM

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