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    Hey folks,

    I picked up the Note 8.0 on Friday, and I came across a bit of a..concern today. with the family out, I've been lazily lying around in bed, and pick up the Note around 9:45am to do some light browsing and mail clean up. I wake up from sleep and see the battery is around where I left it when I put it down last night, around 94%. I had manually put it into "night mode" using battery widget reborn (excellent app!).

    So I do the cleaning (not using the spen for anything today), and a little browsing, and watch an episode of Different Strokes on netflix, and this is until a little after 11am or so, and decide to pick up "The Room" mentioned in the weekly apps..I play that for an hour or so, put the Note down to get a bite to eat, then come back to it for another hour or so, beating it (Great Game, but too short). At this point, my battery is down to about 30%, and this is pretty disappointing in itself, when compared to my Nexus7; I've been able to do a lot more with the N7 in the same period of time (a 4 hr span) and still have much more than 50% of battery life remaining, But this isn't the biggest concern...

    I had been playing Real Racing 3 a lot on my N7. I can go through quite a few races before I have to put it down due battery. In any case, I hadn't tried it yet on the Note, only having installed it and ported over my profile. Figured, I'd have a quick race before popping the note on the charger...So I start the game, get into a race, marvel at how much better the game looks under the Note; I hadn't realized how much the quality was reduced on the N7 until the Note... Race starts, and then I get a battery warning???? in the span of the game booting up and getting into the race, the battery went from 30% to 3%. I had never seen that before with any app I've used on any tablet or phone, and if that's the case, with a full battery, it would seem that RR3 would let me get a lap, maybe two??

    So, I guess the question would be, has anyone else had this issue with the Note 8, or other tablets for that matter? I had originally planned on using this tablet for work only, and I think I might not have any choice not to use it for anything else if this is the kind of battery life I can expect..

    Steph S.

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    04-21-2013 01:58 PM
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    I have never seen a battery graph fall off a cliff like that, That's really bizarre. Haven't seen any behavior like that in the week I've had mine. Maybe I'll try some hardcore gaming tonight, but I didn't notice anything amiss while playing Need For Speed Most Wanted a few days ago.

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    04-21-2013 06:27 PM

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