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    Does the Magnetic Closure in this iPulse Vintage Book Case for the Galaxy Note 8 interfere with the S-Pen Functionality?

    I absolutely love this case! It has EVERYTHING I need, 3 card slots with one being clear, a slot for some cash on the go, a tpu interior encased which might protect the side frames of the phone with a leather exterior, it works like a kickstand to watch videos or movies, and most importantly it looks unique for the Galaxy Note 8 as it resembles a book or encyclopedia!

    But the dilemma I'm facing on whether I should order the phone or not is because I heard from some users that the magnetic closure that is present in the case interferes with the S-Pen Functionality of the phone. Like if the case is used then S-Pen won't work near the areas where the magnet is placed.
    I am very fond of using the S -Pen I literally use it almost everyday! And the reason why I love Android SO MUCH is because of the Stylus enabled phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note Series!

    If the S-Pen does not work then this case would be good for nothing

    So I would like to know Does the Magnetic Closure of iPulse Vintage Book Case for GalaxyNote8 Really interferes with S-Pen Functionality or not??? And is there any way of solving this malfunction of the S Pen with the iPulse case on?
    02-19-2018 11:02 PM

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