1. rick5757's Avatar
    I’ve just bought my fourth Note, a Note 8.
    I’m about to buy a case for it, and have two main considerations, the normal one of good shock resistance (which several offer), and unique to Notes - the ability to ge the pen out reasonably easily

    I ask because whatever I used (can’t recall)on my older Note, it’s * very hard to get the pen out. A lot of that is because, while my fingers aren’t that big, my fingernails are short.

    I have heard that some cases have a bigger gap around the stylus. So anyone who does not have fingernails – what works for you?
    (And also has good shock resistance)
    08-30-2018 04:24 AM
  2. rick5757's Avatar
    Caseology Legion
    Ive read that the Caseology Legion has a generous size pen hole . . but
    “Didn't work well with tempered curved screen protector for note 8 the cover kept pushing the screen protector out until it broke!”
    08-30-2018 04:37 AM

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