08-28-2017 11:35 PM
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  1. magichoward's Avatar
    I'm wondering if I use smart switch to transfer to the new note 8. will it also be transferring a load of useless old data old unistalled apps left over old wireless settings etc? but I also know a clean install takes hours. Your thoughts
    08-27-2017 05:55 AM
  2. amyf27's Avatar
    I am going fresh new install one by one ☺. Cannot wait. Now, Google will restore contacts which is needed but other than that, setting it up as new.
    08-27-2017 06:00 AM
  3. Tsepz_GP's Avatar
    I'll Smart Switch my Contacts, Music, Photos and Video content, everything else will be a fresh install.
    08-27-2017 06:27 AM
  4. anon(782252)'s Avatar
    Setup Google account and then fresh install everything else.
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    08-27-2017 07:20 AM
  5. BlueGoldAce's Avatar
    It will move over settings, photos, messsges, and even your home screen layout (I think) if you have a Samsung device.

    But I don't believe it moves over actual app data, it just intiates the install. You can also pick which apps you don't want installed. Essentially, there is no real benefit to a clean install, beyond that new phone feeling.

    It isn't like iOS, where app data and etc comes over too, as well as any odd bugs that may have developed on your previous iOS device.
    08-27-2017 07:24 AM
  6. shanghaichica's Avatar
    I think a fresh install. However I do have a backup on the Samsung cloud from my S7 edge from last year that I could use.
    08-27-2017 07:27 AM
  7. 103Softail's Avatar
    Fresh install. Photos, videos, music are on card, google takes care of contacts and I've found in the past that there are glitches, like apps omitted, when I used ss going from HTC to S7 & then from S7 to note 7 maybe because I use Nova.
    08-27-2017 07:56 AM
  8. justin1578's Avatar
    SD card + Google account > Smart Switch
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    08-27-2017 08:46 AM
  9. Katrina White1's Avatar
    I get my contacts but everything else, I go fresh. I only reinstall my favorite apps. No point in cluttering my new device with stuff I didn't use on the old one.
    08-27-2017 09:01 AM
  10. mountainman's Avatar
    I always do a clean install
    08-27-2017 09:26 AM
  11. Ca_lvn's Avatar
    Be smart clean install, there's always the one person that complains about problems blaming the phone when it was the total transfer that jacked it up
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    08-27-2017 10:00 AM
  12. sandra_17's Avatar
    Fresh and shiny clean
    08-27-2017 10:20 AM
  13. Amele's Avatar
    Google takes care of contacts and calendar and photos. I have a lot of apps on Pixel and the old LG G3 I am using at the moment that I don't need or want so I almost always do a one by one install of apps. I do backups of my password program, NoteEverything, and my budget program and import them. Kind of half and half I guess.
    08-27-2017 11:05 AM
  14. ajb1965's Avatar
    I always do clean install. Last year the Note 7 forums were clogged with users having issues with lag etc, and a large portion of those folks used Smart Switch.

    It really doesn't take much longer to re-install everything, and your data from Samsung Cloud and Google apps is already backed up anyway.
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    08-27-2017 11:42 AM
  15. convert's Avatar
    I do a combination. Some Smart Switch, some Google Contacts. Went through this 4 times already last year with the N7 fiasco between the two N7s, the S7E loaner, and then my current S7E. So like this will be the 5th time in under a year I am setting up a phone. I have to always tweak something but it gets sorted out eventually.
    08-27-2017 11:45 AM
  16. hummingbirdhill's Avatar
    Absolutely SmartSwitch for contacts, calendar, photos, vids, & possibly text mesages. My 5 email addys are server-based so I always do them manually. Cannot wait for Note8 in-my-hands
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    08-27-2017 12:59 PM
  17. EMGSM's Avatar
    Like some have mentioned, I'll transfer contacts/messages. Other than that everything can go. Fresh install.
    08-27-2017 01:36 PM
  18. magichoward's Avatar
    I'm guessing as I've never used smart switch. I would still have to enter all my accounts details like banks and reenter all my accounts passwords and and all my social networks.. Last I did it all manually it took at least 5hours
    08-27-2017 02:29 PM
  19. L0n3N1nja's Avatar
    Fresh install, takes a matter of minutes to load my contacts and needed apps. Screw all the random crap on the old phone, I don't move photos and videos over as they are regularly synced to my desktop and an external hard drive.
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    08-27-2017 02:58 PM
  20. jimd1050's Avatar
    Combination of SmartSwitch and Samsung Backup/Restore... has usually always covered just about everything except a few minor settings for me!
    08-27-2017 03:05 PM
  21. NotAnAppleGuy's Avatar
    I usually transfer all old text messages and apps. seeing as I have about 4 years worth of text messages and pictures, I'm just gonna transfer contacts and a few apps like color note and battery bot. That's it.
    08-27-2017 09:20 PM
  22. Doug Moffat's Avatar
    If I get the Note 8 in the near future, and that's a big if, I'll have Verizon do their magic at the store.
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    08-27-2017 09:45 PM
  23. Cherries01's Avatar
    When I had the Note 7, and did the smart switch from he iPhone 6s+, it slowed the phone, so I might just do everything manually on some parts but other parts, I already synced with my google account with my current iPhone.
    08-27-2017 11:01 PM
  24. jsk0703's Avatar
    I am doing a clean install as well. I too used SmartSwitch to move from iPhone to Note 7 and it was a slow process. I ended up doing a reset anyway.
    08-28-2017 07:12 AM
  25. smooth4lyfe's Avatar
    Samsung Cloud FTW!
    I love that feature and it works perfectly
    08-28-2017 08:20 AM
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