1. jesskoh's Avatar
    For your viewing pleasure.

    09-03-2017 12:14 PM
  2. ajb1965's Avatar
    If it were only that easy lol. They always look perfect when I walk out of the store (I have them put it on so if they mess it up they grab another one), but after a few days the edges of mine always started peeling up.
    09-03-2017 12:22 PM
  3. jesskoh's Avatar
    These days protectors materials have evolved a lot since the days of Samsung S6 edge where the main curve screens came out.

    Most of the materials used these days will be able to stick.

    It is mainly the cutting of the screen protector that affects whether it is able to fit with a case or not. Some of the tighter cases may push up the 4 corners if the protector is not cut correctly.
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    09-03-2017 12:35 PM

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