09-21-2017 09:05 AM
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  1. luap123's Avatar
    I guess the poor battery life is just how the note 8 is supposed to be.i think ill sell it as the note 4 is much better
    09-20-2017 01:43 PM
  2. ThrottleJohnny's Avatar
    You're okay with 3 bars? lol

    Okay, good luck to you.
    TechNut79 likes this.
    09-20-2017 01:45 PM
  3. saffy77's Avatar
    I'm in the UK and have noticed this too (my S7 Edge was absolutely spot on location wise, whereas the Note 8 is a few miles out). But I'm not too worried - loving this phone!
    09-20-2017 02:15 PM
  4. Soundman72's Avatar
    Your signal is NOT fine. Contact your carrier
    His signal could be fine for his location you don't always get full signal.

    Can I suggest trying battery save mode it does help
    09-21-2017 01:40 AM
  5. tonydroid99's Avatar
    I had same issue in US. Bought the phone in a town a few miles away from where I live. When I got home it kept giving me info for the town I bought my phone, not where I live. I touched the city location under the cloud/weather icon and it switched the town to where I live. Seems like I did that a few times over a couple days, now it seems to work fine. Not sure if the app was auto updated or not at some point.
    09-21-2017 08:08 AM
  6. edubb256's Avatar
    Every Galaxy I've owned, except for the Note 8 has shown the adjacent town. The Note 8 is this first one to show the correct town. But for the earlier ones that showed the adjacent town, it was a very simple fix. Just go into settings and add the town you want and then turn off Use current location.
    09-21-2017 09:05 AM
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