1. BJB1's Avatar
    Perhaps this is obvious to prior note users but I cannot figure this out.
    I like the screen off memo feature. But for the life of me I cannot figure how to edit a prior screen off memo (i.e. add to one) and SAVING it (without creating a new one) without unlocking phone and going to the main notes menu section and choosing it.

    I create a screen off memo. I choose to pin to lock screen. It is there....WITHOUT taking out the stylus I can double tap the memo circle and I can kind of see it. however....if I take out my stylus to write on it, a new memo is started!

    So then if I tried to double tap it and THEN take out my stylus and I can write on it! Yeah! But when I hit save to notes it creates a NEW one!!! Sure enough, I look in the view all notes page and they are all there, one new version for each thing I wrote down in each section. So what point is pinning it to the lockscreen if you cannot open it up and edit it?

    I just want to tap the pinned Screen off memo, have it come up and allow me to add to it with my stylus. Then save it. What am I doing wrong?

    09-19-2017 04:11 PM
  2. Miscue's Avatar
    Yes! Having this same problem.
    09-19-2017 04:38 PM
  3. BJB1's Avatar
    Do any Note veterans have a workaround or a solution? I am enjoying using a stylus again but can't figure this out.
    I even tried opening the screen off memo in the "Samsung notes" area where you see all notes.
    If you open the current active screen off memo and edit with blue or blank ink, save it...next time you open screen off memo it says you need to save or discard your pinned memo ? And then it brings up the previous unedited screen off memo.

    So this is a one time use feature. Why do they advertise you can write for 100 pages or something?
    09-23-2017 09:48 AM
  4. BJB1's Avatar
    I just saw a Samsung video on their Note 8 Twitter feed where they show the user crossing off items on a screen off memo! However they did not show how they opened it.

    09-29-2017 07:20 AM
  5. BJB1's Avatar
    I thought I would share a workaround I figured out.
    You have a pinned screen off memo.

    Double tap memo icon on lock screen with finger. If you take out the stylus too soon it creates a new one.

    Double tap memo to make it editable.
    Then take out stylus and make edits.

    Then hit the "pin" to lockscreen at top. It will then show you a current vesion and new version with no option to overwrite. Hit the pin option at bottom.

    Now, finally you have pinned the new version to the lock screen. However, every old version is saved as a regular memo in Samsung notes. Edit 3x a day, you get three old versions.

    As a side note, you must hit the pin save icon at top after your edits as mentioned above. If you choose save to Samsung notes, your screen off memo does not update with your edits. Your edited version goes to normal notes.

    Screen off memo is a great feature. There should be an overwrite option when re-pinning. If I have missed it let me know.
    10-25-2017 09:26 AM
  6. Nvincible's Avatar
    Yeah, it is still flawed as described above. It's better than the previous version but it is still a pain in the butt to edit and keep it going. I could have swore it worked as advertised when I first got it when I was trying features out but in real use I haven't had to edit one. I just tried it now and it's working just like you all are explaining. Needs to be worked on Sammy!
    10-25-2017 06:32 PM
  7. sandra_17's Avatar
    Thanks for the work-around. But OMG, how the hell did you figure that out??
    10-25-2017 07:22 PM

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