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    I switched the default message app to YAATA about 10 days ago. On Wednesday I received an unexpected 0KB MMS from a known contact. I asked the contact & confirmed he didn't send anything. Then later in the day, I received another MMS, from another known contact.. same story... (no, I didn't download the MMS) then even later in the day I see a line of text I sent to one contact appear in the feed of another contact....

    I've since deleted YAATA & switched to Android Messages... I confirmed nobody is messing with me (for switching to Android, LOL) and I'm fairly certain I still have a firm grasp on my mental functions and reality.

    I have not tried calling my carriers tech support or putting my sim back in the iPhone.

    Anyone else have any ideas what's going on?
    09-28-2017 04:54 AM

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