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    I love that the N8 came with an OTG adapter so I didn't have to buy one. BUT, the USB-C side was so short and the "case" of it so fat that it wouldn't plug into my phone with my Speck Presidio Grip case. It barely worked with my Spigen Rugged Armor Extra and sometimes it wouldn't even work with that case. I like the fantastic grip of the Speck case, so that's how I'm carrying and protecting my phone.

    I didn't want to buy yet another OTG drive since I just got the 128GB microsd one a couple months ago. So, I decided to take apart the Samsung OTG adapter and make it work with cases.

    I just pried it apart from the USB 3.0 end. I cut off the plastic case end on the USB-C side with a saw blade on my Dremel. I put tape over all the holes on the USB 3.0 side. I then mixed up some epoxy and glued the guts down to the bottom half and let it cure. Then I glued the top half on and filled around the USB-C connector with some more epoxy. Let it cure overnight and painted the epoxy black. Works fantastic with cases on my phone now!

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    09-30-2017 07:28 AM

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