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    I recently upgraded to the awesome and incredible Samsung Galaxy Note 8. My old phone was the Note 3. On the old phone my Fitbit Charge 2 synced automatically and I got text notifications on my Fitbit as well.

    I have installed the Fitbit app on the new phone and set everything up and synced the Fitbit to the new phone. However, I am not getting texts to the Fitbit from the phone and when I go into the Fitbit app on the phone it does not automatically sync and update to current stats. I have to manually force it to update.

    I have made sure that the Fitbit is on in the new phones Notifications and also that the Notifications is still on on the Fitbit itself. The old phone is off. Any ideas? Do I need to uninstall the app from the old phone, maybe? Anyone else have this issue?
    10-26-2017 01:24 PM

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