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    I have 2 questions regarding camera modes and editing on my Note 8. First a little back story – I often take pictures for local car dealers and each car generally gets 100-120 pictures before I go to editing. I generally take all of my pictures with “Auto” filter or as the phone calls it “effect” on. However after taking my pictures, if I were to go and access “My Files” and see the sets of pictures under “camera” I can then modify them again by selecting various effects. When doing so and selecting “Auto” again, the image is saved and almost each time comes out brighter, and in my opinion overall better looking than the original picture (which was also taken with “Auto” effect on). I then end up having to choose the pictures I plan to use from my PC, having to manually re-apply “auto” effect on each picture, and re-upload them.

    What is happening here? Is the phone not applying “auto” the first time around as I'm taking pictures? Or is there a double “auto” effect going on here, once at the time of the picture being taken, and once post picture? and if so is there a way to have the 2nd version of the image as the result from the first go at it?

    Is there an image editing software / samsung tool that I can use on my PC so that I can instantly apply a certain filter/effect for a batch of files in one shot? Or if not, is there a way to edit a whole folder on the phone itself if I were to isolate the images I wanted edited? Or any other solution so I don't have to manually apply an effect on each image.

    Thank You
    01-21-2018 04:22 PM
  2. j_hansen's Avatar
    can't really answer your question but have you tried snapseed?
    might be good for the exact thing you are doing
    01-22-2018 03:44 AM
  3. Soundman72's Avatar
    just did a quick Google search and found this.

    01-22-2018 04:15 AM

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