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    On my 2nd Samsung Note 8, AT&T, cannot view security cameras on 4g LTE, but can on other internet connections. Android 7.0 firmware allows instantly on 4g LTE, on Samsung S7 no issues. Only issues on 7.1.1. I have had my security cameras for a few years now, and could view them no problem on my S7, with 7.0 firmware Android. Understanding that the app (Amcrest) may not be compatible with newer firmware. I have been in contact with Amcrest and they heard of no issues. Anyone else experiencing this same issue? Thank you
    01-28-2018 05:55 AM
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    I don't use that particular app, but I have no trouble viewing remote cameras on other apps (D-Link, IP Cam Viewer). Have you tried force-stopping the app and restarting it? Clearing its cache and data? Reinstalling it? (The latter two measures will require re-entering your cameras' connection info.)

    You mention your OS version but not your firmware version. Does your phone have the latest firmware (BQLA)?
    01-28-2018 07:11 AM

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