1. markyoung04's Avatar
    Not sure where to look for help here, is it a Note issue, SideSync issue, or TV issue?

    TV - 65UNMU9000

    Phone - Galaxy Note 8

    both updated to latest software.

    Mirroring worked great until I installed sidesync on my Surface Pro and Note 8 - when I tried to mirror my phone to the tv again I get the following message - unable to to scan for nearby smartview devices while sidesync is running.

    So I uninstalled sidesync from my phone and from my surface pro - rebooted both. Still getting same error. I uninstalled Samsung Connect from phone too rebooted reinstalled no luck. Uninstalled Connect, reinstalled Samsung SideSync and uninstalled it again rebooted and installed Connect and no joy.

    I deleted the phone from TV settings, was able to add device and can turn it on and off with the remote feature, can call up the menu and control volume but I can NOT mirror my tv.
    03-01-2018 08:49 PM
  2. Shawn Brandon224's Avatar
    I Have the exact same problem with my Galaxy S 7 edge . Any trime I tried to do the smart you are skreemer I just get the side sync error message and no matter what I do I can't resolve the issue . Side sink isn't even installed on my phone anymore . I did a clean up in search for any residual files that might be causing a problem with no success turn I hope someone figure this problem out soon
    05-10-2018 01:35 AM

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