1. Android Central Question's Avatar
    Hi all, did anyone else come across this issue? My S Pen works if I just move it above the screen and without touching it. It becomes useless as if i touch the screen with the pen, it doesn't do what is expected but rather moves the screen wherever the pen is moved above the screen.
    Any assistance on what the problem might be and how can it be solved?
    03-05-2018 09:36 AM
  2. oceanrealm's Avatar
    I infrequently use the S Pen but also have had the same thing occur. Sometimes while writing an S note, or screen write, nothing occurs when the S pen contacts the screen but when I lift it a "bleeding" of ink occurs on the screen while the S pen is hovering. It's very annoying but intermittent. Have any others had this issue? If so, what was your solution?
    03-25-2018 10:45 AM
  3. Dooki's Avatar
    can you go to a shop that sells phones and see if a different pen works?
    03-25-2018 03:55 PM
  4. oceanrealm's Avatar
    Thanks. I ordered a Samsung replacement pen and the same thing happens occasionally. It actually happened again today and I rubbed the S-pen tip on my couch fabric. That seemed to help at the time. Again, it occurs fairly randomly.
    03-26-2018 04:28 PM
  5. Tsepz_GP's Avatar
    This is odd, but it seems like your SPen tip may be faulty. If you bring your SPen close to the screen but make it touch you your finger the phone does register the fact that the SPen is touching something and assumes it's the screen.

    If the SPen is not at fault then it's the Digitzer on your display that may be the issue.
    03-30-2018 03:37 AM
  6. oceanrealm's Avatar
    Thanks for the input. I've tried 2 S-pens, including an OEM replacement. Again, it's very intermittent. When I get more time, I'll explore this more. I do know that when the "bleeding" occurs, I can usually get it to stop either by pressing the S-pen firmly on the screen or rubbing the tip on the fabric of my pants, or couch, etc.
    04-05-2018 08:56 PM
  7. gjirla's Avatar
    Hi, I've tried drying, cooling and it didn't work, i've put S pen in sterilisator at 75 o C for 4 hours and it still wrote while above screen 2,3 cm, At the end fix was breaking it and then clean electronics with brush and with hair dryer at cold drying,glue it back with superglue,works like new...
    Hope it was helpfull
    08-21-2018 07:19 AM
  8. j_hansen's Avatar
    If I hold my finger on the s-pen tip it works hovering above the screen without touching the screen which is normal.
    Also, certain apps will allow you to scroll up/down just by pointing the pen at the top or bottom.
    Maybe you are confusing fault and actual functionality
    08-21-2018 01:15 PM
  9. donm527's Avatar
    It's normal as far as S-pen being functional by hovering over the screen... just depends on what you want to do...

    I often use my pen that way probably more than any other function of the pen. I often will come across a text in another language that I want to read translated. So I'll use my pen, choose the option to translate and hover over the text I want translated... hover about a half inch over the screen. You'll see a pointer show on the display and it will recognize a word, or sentence, or even an entire paragraph where you are hovering and will translate it. Does a pretty good job when you need a quick translate.
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    08-21-2018 06:26 PM
  10. TV417's Avatar
    My s-pen also has a mind of its own when its hovering over the keyboard or navigation bar.
    I don't know what happened it just started doing this out of nowhere. I'm looking for solutions...anyone,, ,?
    10-13-2018 05:02 PM

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